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Corporate Headquarters: Room 111, West 3rd Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing R & D Center: D1104 D1213, Main Building, North China Electric Power University, Beijing
Beijing Marketing Department: 135-8157-3223 (Tian) WeChat Shenzhen Marketing Department: 185-7665-9095 (High) WeChat

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Sanyi Times (originated from the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University) is a Beijing high-tech enterprise and a double-soft certification company established in 2001. After the share reform in December 2012, it successfully entered the national SME shares in July 2013. The transfer system is listed, stock code: 430255 . The company developed the first power simulation system from 1987. Its main business is power system and power generation 3D simulation software. The company's products are developed based on years of theoretical research and engineering practice by researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University. They have rich experience in the development of power system software projects and a stable development and maintenance team. The overall product technology has reached the domestic leading level.

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